Music Festival Generators

From local jazz festivals, Parties in the Park or the more important fancy coffee van!!! At Whisper Generators we have the Generators to power your event, be it a stand-alone machine or a pair of fully synced sets, throughout 2015 we continued to supply generators, distribution and cabling for a wide variety of music festivals.

The noise levels and versatility of our Denyo generators is a firm favourite with sound and lighting engineers when setting up these type of events. The emergence of LED lighting and flat screen TV’s has in the past caused problems with some generators, the fully adjustable ELR fitted to our Ultra silent generators helps eliminate these problems.

As all of our generators are trailer mounted meaning we can deliver and collect with smaller 4×4 vehicles, this not only means we are able to get them into positions that might be inaccessible by an HGV (damp muddy fields) but they can be easily moved should the need arise after the delivery vehicle has gone.

We are also able to offer a fuel management service including UN approved bunded fuel bowsers, flexible on site fuel deliveries at a time that is convenient for you.

We believe that when you hire from us you get a complete service and not just a generator and offer the following additions within the price.

  • Unlimited hour usage
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 24 hour back up
  • Free local delivery (within a set radius of or premises)
  • Insurance approved wheel clamps if requested
  • We are also able to offer a short term insurance policy that we have negotiated with a local company as we realised that a lot of policies specifically excluded generator cover.

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