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Throughout last year Whisper Generators was very proud to have supplied generator and lighting solutions to an extremely diverse array of sporting events, these included the British Touring Car Championship, Sky Sports Germany, Endure24 and several local charity cricket and football matches. Our vast range of equipment ensures we are able to offer a solution to any power or lighting requirement you may have and our flexible delivery and collection service means we are able to accommodate all manner of events.

Our brilliant ‘cotton bud’ lights have provided lighting to help pit crews carry out engine repairs through the night to ensure the cars are ready for race day in both the British Touring Car Championship and the Ginetta GT Super cup.

Sky Sports Germany contacted us in 2015 looking for a very quiet and reliable generator and a fuel management service to power their broadcasting facilities throughout the Wimbledon Tennis Championship, they had a very specific set of requirements and delivery window that we were able to fulfil with a brand new Ultra Silent 50kva road tow generator.

We were also very happy to be able to help our local cricket club when they were hosting a charity cricket match involving the touring ‘Lashings All Stars’ team, they again needed a very quiet generator to run the marquee and catering facilities during the day and long into the evening. A 20kva Ultra silent road tow generator was easily manoeuvred into position early on the morning of the event and ran all day and night with no need for a refuel.

We believe that when you hire from us you get a complete service and not just a generator and offer the following additions within the price.

  • Unlimited hour usage
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 24 hour back up
  • Free local delivery (within a set radius of or premises)
  • We are also able to offer a short term insurance policy that we have negotiated with a local company as we realised that a lot of policies specifically excluded generator cover.

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