High Wycombe Event Generator & Lighting Hire

Power your event with Whisper Generators – Generator Hire High Wycombe

Whisper Generators offer generator and lighting hire in and around High Wycombe. Whatever your requirements, we tailor solutions for all types of events, large or small, from weddings to festivals.

Generator Hire High Wycombe

When you call us with an enquiry our team are well equipped to offer advice and guidance regarding generator size and spec to ensure your event is adequately powered. Our extremely quiet generators have been specially selected to avoid unwanted noise taking attention away from your big event.

Additionally, we are obsessive about maintaining the generators we hire out and offer 24 hour back up, guaranteeing clients always have someone to talk to day or night should the need arise.

Lighting Hire High Wycombe

We also have a large fleet of LED tower lights that we have supplied to numerous clients in and around High Wycombe including Beacon Festival, motorway maintenance and Round Table firework events.

Our LED tower lights are fitted with five 240w heads, offering 50% better fuel economy than older metal halide lights. Fitted with a quiet diesel engine these lights can run for over 130 hours on a single tank of fuel. We also offer 360° cotton bud lighting for ultimate coverage, this extremely compact option provides soft light that doesn’t dazzle.

Generator & Lighting Hire High Wycombe

At Whisper Generators, our unique offering for events in High Wycombe and across Buckinghamshire includes:

  • Unlimited hour usage
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 24 hour back up
  • Free local delivery
  • Insurance approved wheel clamps (if required)

We can also arrange a short term insurance policy as we have become aware that a number of policies exclude generator cover.

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If you are planning an event in High Wycombe or surrounding areas and require generator and lighting hire get in touch with Whisper Generators on 01494 444880 for more information.

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