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Fantastic service, great company to deal with, all lovely people and saved the day at the last minute! Thank you!! Very very highly recommend!!



“We have worked with Whisper Generators on many occasions and have always been given a quality service which is matched by the reliability and quality of their generators.”

Savoir Faire Marquees

“Thank you so much for providing such an efficient and thorough service when you supplied the generator for my daughter’s wedding in May this year.

Your knowledge and help were invaluable in ensuring we had the right size generator and output to cover all the demands of the band, caterers, lights and loos etc!

You arrived when you said you were going to and collected at the appointed hour – I cannot tell you how much that helped in organising and coordinating all the other deliveries who were dependent on power.

My very grateful thanks for making the use of your generators such a painless process.”

Gail Aspland-Robinson

“Whisper Generators were fantastic and really helpful when I used them for a very large Charity Ball with over 400 guests. My main concerns when hosting such a large event was that I could supply my clients with a reliable generator. I knew that Whisper had new,  and reliable equipment and that as a backup we had the 24 hour call-out service available to us if it was needed.

As an event organiser I needed the security of knowing that Whisper were there if I needed them. The event was in late November, it was cold and wet, and I had to provide power for all the lighting, heating, catering, band, music and toilet facilities. If the power failed at any stage the entire event would be off. But of course the power was fine, and the Charity Ball went so well. I recommend Whisper Generators to all my clients no matter how big or small their event.”

Kelly Wilkes, Marlow Marquees


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