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As the name ‘Whisper Generators’ suggests our fleet of ultra-silent generators are the quietest available on the market today. The vast majority of local and national generator hire companies do not have ultra silent generators. To give an example of just how big the difference is in noise levels between ultra-silent and super silent generators imagine being stood one metre away from someone using a typical petrol powered garden lawnmower and then being stood one metre away from a working washing machine. Then ask yourself which you would rather have powering your event.

Our fleet of ultra silent generators come in the following sizes 20, 40, 60 and 100kva and have been used for many different events including the Thames Golden Jubilee Pageant, Sky TV Germanys’ coverage of the Wimbledon Tennis Championship and Land Rover UK. The key factor for these events was noise pollution from the generator, due to the locations no local power was available and massive cable runs were not ideal. With highly sensitive sound equipment being used and powered by the generators it was crucial no noise was picked up from the generator. Another fantastic advantage of our ultra silent range of generators is there incredible fuel efficiency both the 20 and 40 kva machines will run for over 24 hours on just one tank of fuel at a constant loading of 75% capacity.

If you know you need a generator but are unsure of what size then please give us a call and our team of knowledgeable staff will help you go through what generator is most suitable.

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