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Over the last couple of years we have worked very closely with the UK’s leading manufacturer of lighting towers to help the development of their new range of LED products. As a result we now have a large fleet of LED tower lights fitted with five 240w heads, these not only offer significantly better Lumen levels than the older metal halide lights but can also achieve up to 50% better fuel economy in comparison.

Fitted with a very quiet diesel engine  (60dB(A) these lights can run for over 130 hours on a single tank of fuel, due to the very low power requirements of the LED lights they also have the ability to be powered from an external 230v power supply this includes a normal 13a domestic plug socket meaning the lights can work in complete silence if required. With a 9 metre hydraulic mast the distance and intensity of the light coverage provided is simply amazing, throughout 2015 we have supplied these lights to many events including the Beacon Festival, Round Table firework events, marque hire companies and for motorway maintenance.

We are also one of a handful of companies throughout the country to be able to offer the ‘cotton bud’ light. Due to their compact nature these lights are used extensively within Europe by all of the emergency services, their ease of use, low power requirement and large 360 degree light coverage offer the ultimate solution when they are attending in poorly lit areas. Fitted with fluorescent tubes on top of a 4 metre mast they provide a ‘soft’ light that is ideal for areas of heavy pedestrian traffic as unlike metal halide lights they do not dazzle when looked at directly.

We believe that when you hire from us you get a complete service and not just a light and offer the following additions within the price.

  • Unlimited hour usage
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 24 hour back up
  • Free local delivery (within a set radius of or premises)
  • Insurance approved wheel clamps if requested

We are also able to offer a short term insurance policy that we have negotiated with a local company as we realised that a lot of policies specifically excluded generator cover.

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