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One of the things that can quite often be overlooked when ordering a generator for an event is the amount of ancillaries that may also be needed to ensure everything can be powered correctly, most appliances will require the domestic 13a plug socket but quite often the larger bits of equipment need either 16a or 32a sockets. We stock a large range of extension cables, ‘fly leads’ and ‘splitters’  that mean we can accommodate any requirement.

In order to simplify things we have put together a couple of ‘all inclusive’ hire packages for our 3 most commonly asked for generators sizes that include everything usually needed for an event and offer a saving over ordering everything individually. We can of course also add bit to these packages if required.

Along with the cables we can supply heavy duty cable ramps and rubber matting to help keep things tidy.

We believe that when you hire from us you get a complete service and not just a light and offer the following additions within the price.

  • Unlimited hour usage
  • Full tank of fuel
  • 24 hour back up
  • Free local delivery (within a set radius of or premises)

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